Seend CLT

Seend Community Land and Asset Trust (SCLAT) is a locally powered initiative, supported by national and local government through Homes of Our Own, the National Community Land Trust Network and other agencies.

SCLAT aims to enable parishioners to access affordable housing and develop, preserve and care for local assets for community benefit, in perpetuity. SCLAT serves a parish of approximately 1,100 people across 2 villages and 3 hamlets. SCLAT is working with Homes of Our Own to develop an affordable housing project for 10 Passivhaus (low energy) homes on a rural exception site in Seend Cleeve. The allocations for the homes will be both market and social rent with some shared ownership. SCLAT is partnered with the White Horse Housing Association, who will build the homes.

Steve Vaux, SCLAT Director said: “We have had the most excellent support from the Community Led Housing Team at Wiltshire Council (The Hub), and that support continues as we bring our project to planning application stage in March 2020. We could not have reached this stage without the proactive and progressive support from The Hub. Wiltshire Council is very outward-looking and is prepared to adapt to facilitate community led projects. They have always been open to our views and have never tried to impose their views on SCLAT, always offering the best advice, guidance and professional expertise. The Hub has been inspirational in empowering and supporting our small community to do it for themselves. The Wiltshire/Community First teams understand what localism is and what it can do in the realm of community housing”.

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